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by LASUBEB Publicity unit | April 17th 2022

The Lagos State Universal Basic Education Board, received the Zonal Director, UBEC Southwest Zone and other delegates from the Universal Basic Education Commission at LASUBEB’s Board room on Wednesday,13 April, 2022 on a working visit to the Board.

The Zonal Director, Dr. Mrs. Aishat Abdul who led the delegation, stated that the purpose of the visit is to synergize and familiarize with the Board, exchange ideas and also map out strategies in evolving basic education in Lagos state and southwest in general.

She commended the Lagos state government on its giant strides in up-scaling basic education in the state, adding that the use of technology in classrooms and welfare for teachers and pupils has made it a pacesetter amongst others.

Dr. Abdul noted that UBEC and SUBEBs have been actively addressing various challenges facing primary education whilst laying her prayer on advocacy, dialogue, partnership, teachers training, and sensitization for effective Universal Basic Education policy implementation.

While doting her points at the meeting, she stated that the rate of out–of–school children in the region is alarming, coupled with security challenges. Hence, there is need for state to be proactive in addressing these challenges.

At the reception, the Executive Chairman, LASUBEB - Hon. Wahab Alawiye-King, appreciated UBEC for its contributions to the development of basic education in the state.

Responding to some of the issues raised, Alawiye-King noted that the Board values partnership and collaboration necessary to achieving the social goal of quality basic education for all. He averred that the Board functions on a celar mandate and has its standard operating procedures.

LASUBEB Chair expressed that Mr. Governor has been supportive in empowering the workforce of the Board, through various trainings and also investing in perimeter fencing in schools, as well as inter-agency collaborations to ensure a safe learning environment.

He equally noted that a Special Committee on Rehabilitation of Public Schools has been resuscitated to massively and aggressively address infrastructural deficit in the sector.

His words "Digital integration and infusion into our educational system have enhanced teaching and learning outcomes in our classrooms."

He asserted that over 7000 children have been kitted with back-to-school materials and enroled into public schools under the project zero initiative, a strategy deployed to drastically reduce the menace of out-of-school children in the state.

Towards the sustenance of a safe learning environment, the Lagos State Universal Basic Education Board (LASUBEB) engaged in a strategic session with the management of the Lagos State Planning and Environmental Monitoring Agency (LASPEMA) in order to sanitize setbacks and incidental open spaces in Public Primary Schools during a courtesy visit to the Board. https://lasubeb.fra1.cdn.digitaloceanspaces.com/News/lasubeb_laspema_2.jpg At the meeting, Hon. Wahab Alawiye-King, Executive Chairman, LASUBEB commended the agency's efforts in maintaining compliance in accordance with the state's environmental plan and its seamless drive in the actualization of Governor Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu’s T.H.E.M.E.S agenda. https://lasubeb.fra1.cdn.digitaloceanspaces.com/News/lasubeb_laspema_3.jpg He noted that the infractions on setbacks and incidental open spaces is becoming alarming adding that the Board frowns at such encroachment and would soon commence enforcement exercise to dislodge illegal informal operators occupying the setbacks. saying, that such activities will hinder teaching and learning in the academic environment. Alawiye-King emphasized on the misuse of setbacks in schools and indiscriminate construction of shanties on open spaces which would no longer be tolerated. https://lasubeb.fra1.cdn.digitaloceanspaces.com/News/lasubeb_laspema_4.jpg General Manager LASPEMA, Town Planner Daisi Oso stated that all foms of criminal activities take place on setbacks and incidental open spaces, which are threats to the wellbeing of the pupils and teachers in the learning environment. Oso reiterated that LASPEMA is the agency saddled with the statutory responsibility to plan, supervise and designate setbacks for use in the State. He noted that LASPEMA is ready to collaborate with the Board in strategizing a model for landscaping around the school walls, creative paintings on the walls to improve the aesthetics as well as create a secured environment by ensuring closed circuit television is installed around the setbacks for surveillance purposes. https://lasubeb.fra1.cdn.digitaloceanspaces.com/News/lasubeb_laspema_5.jpg At the end of the strategic meeting, a five-man Committee was constituted comprising members from LASPEMA and LASUBEB charged with the responsibility of developing a model to facilitate the synergized visions with other MDAs of the State Government who have similar mandates.

BOUT 168,000 CHILDREN PARTICIPATED IN THE YEAR 2022 PLACEMENT EXAMINATION… The Executive Chairman, LASUBEB, Hon. Wahab Alawiye-King disclosed this during the monitoring exercise of the annual transition examination organized for Primary 6 Pupils of Public and Private Primary Schools into Junior Secondary Schools in the State While monitoring some centers at Eti-Osa Local Government Education Authority, he mentioned that the examination is being held simultaneously in 366 centres across the state, stating that about 168,000 pupils sat for the placement examination. ![lasubeb_monitoring2022_4.jpeg]( He commended the Lagos State Examination Board for the seamless organization of the exercise, adding that the environment is not only conducive, but serene for the pupils to concentrate on their test. Alawiye- King averred that the Board is not only focusing on the retention of pupils in schools, but is also concerned about their transition into the next level of their educational pursuits. ![lasubeb_monitoring2022_2.jpeg]( “The state government has invested so much into Primary education by introducing technology into the classroom, which has in turn prepared the pupils for transition into the Junior Secondary Schools”, he said. ![lasubeb_monitoring2022_5.jpeg]( Schools monitored include: Kuramo Junior Secondary School, Ireti Junior Community Grammar School, Ilado Community Junior High School and Akande Dahunsi Memorial Junior High School.


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